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“Section 8 Wait List is Full” is a Lie!

Section 8 Wait List Never Full!

Section 8 Wait List or Section Eight Wait List Logo

Think out of the Box!

We receive many requests from people asking: “How do I get a Section 8 Voucher?” “I can’t get one because the Section 8 Wait List is Full.” I guess since we write about it all the time, they think we have the magic formula to get them one. We don’t but from my readings, contacts and experience as a Real Estate Investor and Section 8 Landlord, we can tell you what we have learned and pass to Landlords and future Section Eight tenants.


Many people are trying to survive this economic disaster that is currently occurring in the USA. We are sure they didn’t plan on being a Section 8 applicant but stuff happens. They need a place for their families NOW, not seven years from now! So our question is how did the people who have a Voucher get it? What did they do that got them a place to call HOME?

Florida City Section 8 Property

My first Section 8 or Plan Ocho Property in Florida City.

If you follow the existing system now, you will be part of the percentage that receives the message; “The Section 8 Wait List is Full”. That’s a lie! Think about it and Tweet About it! Everyday people are removed from the “Wait List” or voluntarily leave. I’ve seen myself! Why? Various reasons:

  • Death.
  • Re-entered the work force.
  • Drug dealing by a person who signed the lease.
  • Relocation’s (Oh by the way, Vouchers are portable!)
  • Refused to repair the house damaged by them after their yearly inspection.
  • Didn’t pay their part of the rent.
  • Evicted by the Landlord.
  • Wait List applicant didn’t update their application.
  • Divorce.

Think Outside the Box!

We could go on-and-on but you get the picture. If you really want to get a Voucher, you have to think outside the box. Everyone on the waiting list is in the same situation as the current applicant. You must make yourself standout from the rest of the people on the “WAIT LIST”. It is like a job interview where there are 100 applications to process. How are you going to get the job or the Section 8 Voucher? Here are some ideas:

  • Get connected politically to your local, state and Federal representatives. Do work for them, hand out fliers, show up at the office, do volunteer work,….!
  • Don’t be the Victim, be the Victor! Quit Crying!
  • Get HELP to remove yourself from this situation. Go back to school, work two jobs, get help from your church.
  • Remember where you came from and help others in your community!
  • Be positive during interviews! Show that you need help but you are working towards getting back on your feet again!
  • Go to a Public Housing Authority PHA that isn’t so popular and has remaining Vouchers to process.
  • Be willing to move to another area or state. You can always move back later due to Voucher Portability!
  • Get Your Landlord to HELP You. He needs a tenant and you need a HOME.
  • Speak with people who already have a Voucher. What did they do to get one? Copy their idea or expand on it.

Landlords, get to know your local Public Housing Authority PHA and Personnel

Landlord, it is also vital that you get to know the Section 8 or Plan Ocho system. Why? You need tenants and by helping them you are helping yourself. Also Section 8 tenant pool is an extra part of your marketing funnel. The more channels you add the more success you are going to have. Here are some ideas:

  • Go to the local Section 8 PHA’s Landlord meetings.
  • Visit the PHA offices often.
  • Speak with them about what they do and learn the legal tips and tricks to get a “VOUCHER” for your tenant.
  • Also learn what does NOT work and pass on to your future tenants:
    • Lying.
    • Stop playing the victim. Show them that this is temporary and that they are working to get out of this situation and become a contributing member of the community.
    • Ask your tenants how they got their voucher. Pass it on….
America loves Rags to Riches Story!

Be a winner! Pull yourself up and get out of the ditch. There is nothing wrong with asking for HELP! Americans love a winner who came from nothing and made themselves successful.


Written by +Bob Burns



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