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Section 8 Slide Show. Landlords Pay Attention!

Section 8 slide show or Plan 8 is an educational slide show that teaches real estate investors about implementing a low-income housing program. We created this Section 8 slide show a long time ago and keep updating it every year. Take a look at the slides. Most of them are interactive and will take you to other web pages for more information.

Section 8 Slide Descriptions

  • Slides 1 – 6. These slides are important Section Eight office locations found in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The eighth largest Section 8 office for low-income housing in the United States.
  • Slide 7. This slide has the web site URL’s that allow Landlords to upload Section 8 properties available “FOR RENT” throughout the United States and its territories. Landlords make sure you list your properties on these sites if you are going to accept housing vouchers provided by the local housing authority.

  • Slides 8 – 16. Miami-Dade Housing Authority requires potential Section 8 properties to be examined by a HUD certified inspector. Their job is to pass or fail certain interior and exterior characteristics of the property to make sure the property has suitable living conditions for the Section 8 tenants. The slides contain items the HUD inspector is going to look at. We provided some pictures of items that are potential points of failure during the inspection.
    Landlords, a missing circuit breaker that will fail a property during a Section 8 HUD inspection.

    This is a common failure item during a Section 8 HUD inspection. Why?

  • Slides 17 – 23. An itemized list and pictures displaying the most common points of failure during a property inspection. This is great information for Landlords while preparing for a HUD property inspection.
  • Slide 24. A summary of steps the property owner must execute for their property to be approved by the county’s Low Income Housing Authority.
  • Slide 25. GOT Questions? Who You Gonna Call? Yeah Baby!

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