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Section 8 Miami-Dade PHCD replacing Quadel.

Section 8 Miami-Dade PHCD Changes

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher HCV Program for the Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Development MDPHCD Housing Choice Voucher HCV Program is replacing the current contractor Quadel Consulting Corporation with two new contractors, Nan McKay Associates and CVR Associates effective June 29, 2014.

Section 8 Miami-Dade Eighth Largest Housing Authority

The Miami-Dade Public Housing and Community Development MDPHCD is the eighth largest Public Housing Authority PHA in the United States. Due to its sheer size many Public Housing Authorities outsource several low-income housing programs to management companies like:


to name a few.

Section 8 Miami-Dade Florida New Contracted Companies

Nan McKay will be responsible for all office activity as well as ongoing tenant services, like Plan Ocho, related to annual recertification for tenants and Landlords, interim examinations, changes of residence, portability, and the Family Self Sufficiency Program. The address and phone number for the Housing Choice Voucher Program office will remain the same:

Office Location: 7400 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, Florida 33126
Phone: (305) 403-3222


CVR Associates will provide all HUD’s inspection services for the Housing Choice Voucher HCV Program, including access to inspection information 24/7 via its inspection portal or by phone:

Phone: (305) 434-7211
Email: miamidade@hcvinspect.com
Self Inspection Checklist: Housing Quality Standards HQS Checklist.


Section 8 Miami-Dade due to its sheer size is constantly changing and as Landlords we have to look at these changes as opportunities to increase cash flows.


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Landlords, list Rentals with Section 8

Landlords, Realtors, Investors are not Experts in Everything

Miami-Dade Public Housing Authority MDPHA

This is the main entrance for Miami-Dade County’s Public Housing Authority’s Section 8 office.

Landlords, Realtors, Investors are not experts in everything about real estate and derivative markets. A good friend and investment buddy, Luis Maqueira, called that he needed help. One of his clients wanted to rent a property and make it available for Section 8 Vouchers. He had no idea where to look or what to do.


Luis’ phone call gave us an idea for a blog posting! Why not just tell every landlord, real estate professional and Section 8 Voucher holders where find and list Section 8 Properties.

Section 8 Property Web Sites.

The following web sites allow landlords, real estate professionals and property management companies to post their properties for rent and Section 8 or Plan 8 Voucher Holders to search for rental properties that accept Section 8 Vouchers:

Advantages of Using Section 8.

As real estate investors and landlords, we love using Section 8 for several reasons:

Housing Quality Standards HQS Failure Points slide

Housing Quality Standards HQS Failure Points

  • Guaranteed Rent Payments. US Government checks Baby! If that bounces we are all in a heap of trouble.
  • Free Advertising – Can list your properties on all Section 8 web sites for FREE including video uploads!
  • Your tenant funnel becomes larger by making your rental property Section Eight eligible.
  • Landlords and property owners still maintains control of rental property.
  • Can use HUD’s Fair Market Rent FMR data base to determine monthly rental payments.
  • We listed our Housing Quality Standards HQS landlord self-inspection check list

There are many more advantages which are not listed but you get the idea! By using Section 8 as marketing strategy, landlords expand their internet footprint and increase tenant occupancy conversion rates. Landlords can keep their vacancy periods to a minimum therefore increasing their cash flows.

Written by +Bob Burns



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